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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hong Kong!

Napster always finds it exciting when he gets to add another country to his list. He keeps a world map, and has us stick in a pin for every country where his art has been purchased. So he was just delighted this week to sell to Jarvis, who's heading back to Hong Kong tomorrow!
This is his first sale into Asia, so it is pretty thrilling.  This adds to his current list, which includes Granada, Barbados, USA (including Hawaii), all of Canada from coast to coast, England, France, Switzerland, New Zealand...It's been a busy week for Napster, as he moves into new international markets -- but those are for other posts.  This one is all about the beautiful city of Hong Kong, and his first Asian sales.  He never dreamed, when he embarked on his artistic career, that his work would travel so far afield.
As for us, we're just speechless!

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