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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ciao Bella

Federica, a veterinary student from Milan, is in Canada on a working holiday. She's currently based at W-Ranch, in Nobel. That is where Nancy's mare All About Me is currently residing and being campaigned.

She came for a visit when Morgan and Chris brought some horses over to school on our Cross Country fences. And she wanted to meet the Painting Cat.

Napster was thrilled. He can now stick a pin in Italy on the map, as a place where his artwork is on display.

And it gave him a chance to practice another foreign language...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pony Palooza - It was an honour to participate.

Last weekend, Napster's print "Dolphins Chase the Moon" (yes, the one he sent to Kate and HRH William as a wedding gift last year) went on auction at the Pony Palooza in aid of the Wind Dancer Pony Rescue.

This is a lovely little charity who's mission is to aid and protect ponies through rescue and education, to provide safe sanctuary and caring homes for ponies in need, and to promote the responsible stewardship of pony populations both domestic and wild.

The Wind Dancer Pony Rescue Foundation was established in March of 2011, dedicated to the memory of Isabel Dupuy, a talented young horsewoman.

Isabel was wise beyond her years and was determined to one day establish a pony rescue on her farm. She died at only eleven years of age but left a strong legacy in her dreams and determination to help ponies and to make the world a better place.

The Founding Board of Directors, led by Isabel’s mother, Dr. Paula Dupuy, are working towards making Isabel’s dream a reality. A charitable corporation, Wind Dancer Pony Rescue Foundation serves to help the unwanted pony both domestic and wild, to educate the public on the wonders of the pony and its care, and will be a place where the many facets of the equestrian community can come together.

Napster was thrilled to be invited to participate in their fundraiser this year, to honour the memory of Isabel.

He is even more thrilled to report that his print sold for $155.00, and the money will help Isabel's beloved ponies. Butterfly, fly away...


Brian and Sue, from The Briars dropped in today. They had been at a social media seminar, and while there heard that Bondi Village had a cat who painted.

Not possible! -- that was the first thought. Closely followed by "This we've got to see."

So over they came after the seminar, and met the artist.  He was very gracious, as he always is with his fans.  His gallery was displayed. He purred, was petted and admired. Slipped sveltely through the cat-flap door just to show how slim and trim he is. 

They purchased several of his cards.  Brian is himself an artist. He teaches a watercolour class at The Briars, and we are hoping that he will drop by at a later date to paint with Napster.  The cat is pretty excited at the concept!