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Napster sincerely hopes that people viewing these images will enjoy them as much as we did in their creation, and that viewers will enter into the spirit of the exercise, as tongue-in-cheek and wonderful as it has been and continues to be.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Anglican Church Regatta... Turn About is Fair Play

Napster was delighted to support the Stewart Memorial United Church in Dwight at their Silent Auction last month. His original piece, "Ascending" sold for $95.00, helping the Church raise the necessary money to replace the historic fence around the churchyard (originally needed to keep out the cows from the neighbouring farm at the top of Buttermilk Hill).

Wednesday was the Rain Date for the Anglican Church 87th Annual Regatta, held at Port Cunnington.

Well, you can hardly support one and not the other, so Napster offered one of his framed prints, "Flight", to their Silent Auction.
It's one of his most popular pieces, and can be hung on the wall in several different ways -- one suggesting dragons and firebirds;
one suggesting a large bird;
and one that often brings to mind skaters, but which also contains a small, cleverly drafted portrait of a howling wolf's head.

It sold for $60, and will now grace a cottage on historic Bigwin Island. We hope they enjoy it, whichever way they hang it on the wall!
Most importantly, it raised money for the Anglican Churches at St. James (Port Cunnington) and St. John in the Woods (Fox Point); and its presence at the Silent Auction caused a lot of folk to wander up to take a look -- and then take a look at all the other wonderful and generous items on offer, and that's the kind of teamwork that makes these event such a success.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Auctioned Sale

Napster's artwork did very well for the Stewart Memorial Church fundraiser. It sold for $95.00, which has the Cat all flustered.

Yes, the Bateman print outshone him, selling for $220.00, but that's as it should be. This, after all, was Napster's first public auction. Peggy, the librarian, reported that a lot of people came in just to see his work -- then stayed and bid on other items in the sale. That's good.

Over all, about $4000.00 were raised for the heritage Church in Dwight. We're honoured that Napster got to be a part of that.

Thank you to all the people who bid on his piece of art.

And, if you missed it, you can still order a fine, framed print... The piece sold in the auction was titled "Ascending", because of the wonderful lifting feel in the work, and the dove rising on the right hand side.

Look closer, however, and see what else you can find in Paradise!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Meeting the Fans

Napster spent a little quality time this afternoon with Amelia and Josephine, two of his young fans.

The girls are interested in him only as a cat, never mind his ever increasing fame. And that is just the way Napster likes it.

Although he can't help being a little excited about the Silent Auction that closes tomorrow at the Dwight Library. At the last report, his original painting, Ascending, was leading the Robert Bateman print of a sketched moose head.

We have warned him that the Bateman may make a late stretch run to get in the lead (and so it should, being by a far more established artist and, if we do admit it, vastly superior art! We are in awe of Robert Bateman) but even so, the 15 minutes of fame it has offered are like 15 years for a cat!

Tomorrow is the last day for the silent auction. There are great deals to be had -- including the Bateman print, which would look great on any wall. As would Napster's original...
And there are many other items on offer. If you've got any time at all tomorrow morning, you should go...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Carnival Dancer

Napster has several new works this summer.

Carnival Dancer takes its inspiration from the brightness and laughter of his five young friends at Bondi Village who helped him select the colour palate, then tosses in a little Caribana flavour. Fond as he is of feathers, you can sense the feathery head-dress and costume on this bright little dancer, shaking to the Steel Drums of Carabana!

Then, give it a twist, and you can find her partner, running to catch up with her, hands thrown over his head and legs pumping!

This print will be available for sale next week. It's currently in set up at Color Crazy. That's good news for the several folks who have already put their name in for a print of Carnival Dancer!

There's lots more to find in this work, as in all his interpretive paintings. We love the colour and sense of fun in this piece, the dynamic movement of the strokes, the vitality... you can almost hear the laughter of a Festival!

Going Once, Going Twice....

It's almost more excitement than a Cat can handle... One of his is original art works, Ascending, is currently on sale at the Stewart Memorial Church Fundraiser at the Dwight Library.

Cathy emailed to let us know that the bidding is up to $75.00 so far, with a week to go.
That's a lot of cash for a cat to raise for the benefit of church mice. We're all impressed. Napster has his paws crossed that it will reach three figures before the sale is over -- it is such a worthy cause.

His success doesn't seem to have gone to his head, however. He's still humble, grateful for his kibble and a comfy lap.

Different Visions

One of Napster's collectors recently remarked that she didn't feel it possible to ever tire of his work -- by simply turning the piece, an entire new world is revealed.
We're having a lot of fun with the kids at the resort, whose wonderful imaginations see the Cat's Vision clearly.
This is Flight, one of his most popular prints, turned 90 degrees. Some folks see ice skaters in this, with scarves in the wind.... and we would never interfere with anyone's interpretation of a Napster. But we do draw your attention to the very finely sketched head of a howling wolf found in this picture, perhaps in the middle of the Northern Lights...
Can you find it? The attention to detail, and delicate brush strokes demonstrate Napster at the very top of his game.