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Thursday, August 11, 2011

High Fashion - House of McQueen

Inspired by the Royal Wedding this spring,  in particular the fascinators, and showing a keen interest in the high fashion seen on runways around the world, Napster has a new painting.

With her blonde hair and a fascinator that is more attractive than some we saw at the Royal occasion, the long-legged model shows off her cape to advantage, walking her high fashion dog down the runway.

Unless, of course, you see something totally different. Napster doesn't mind -- his art is for his people, and he's always happy to hear new interpretations.

Particularly striking with this piece is the way he has 'pulled' the paint in a continuous curve along the sleeve of the cape.

Don't be surprised if you see a similar offering appear for Fashion Week. Napster has been known to inspire designers.

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  1. Napster and Jason Wu should talk... a black le chat is sooo ordinary in comparison!! Target stores should think orange :-)