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Napster sincerely hopes that people viewing these images will enjoy them as much as we did in their creation, and that viewers will enter into the spirit of the exercise, as tongue-in-cheek and wonderful as it has been and continues to be.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

An Artist at Work

This is a rare glimpse of Napster at work.  Last week, he painted, by commission, a work for the Zyba family.  Emily chose the colours, and all the kids helped to prepare the palette  (on Napster's favourite Windsor Derby plate with gilt edging. He is very fond of that plate)
Alison then held the plate within easy reach of the famous tail.
Kyle got the job of holding Napster on his shoulder.  In which chapter he learned that sometimes it is the tormented artist who produces the very best work. With so many kids petting him, and laughing around him, there were moments when the claws came out -- but then so did the best brush strokes.
Nicholas held the paper at a convenient angle, to allow for the free flow of the tail strokes.  Napster added some details onto the painting smock that Kyle was wearing, with a flurry of activity.  The cat paints swiftly -- we think he already has the vision clear in his mind before he dips his tail in the paints, but it is hard to be sure.

Within a matter of a few minutes, abetted by cheering from Samantha and Brooke, much entertainment for the adults, and a great experience for his enchanted assistants, Napster produced Zyba the Peacock, a glorious work that catches the sudden snap of the upflung peacock's tail, along with delightful detail in the face and beak, and careful attention to the golden crown feathers.

While his assistants prepare the palette, and help hold the paint and canvas in easy reach, no-one EVER touches the tail. And Napster himself decides when the work is complete.

We'll be getting this one into print and cards as soon as we can. We're sure it will be a popular piece!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Libraries and Interior Design

This print, Flight, is currently on offer at the Dwight Library Silent Auction, running for one more week to August 6th.

We're told it is already attracting a LOT of attention.

No big surprise -- this was one of two prints that our guests purchased last summer to hang in their house in East Amherst, New York.

This year, they are having a professional Interior Designer 're-do' the entire house.  He came wafting through, doing the "sort" :  you know, the bit where the furniture and pictures are either kept or tossed in accordance with the new design.

Julie tells us that stuff was being rejected right, left and centre, until he came upon the two framed Napster prints.  "Those!" he exclaimed.  "Those are fabulous!  The frames are all wrong, of course, they need to be double matted, BIG frames, but those are some of the best contemporary art we've seen in a long time, and THOSE are going to be the focal point of the new living room"  He then asked who had painted them...

Well, when he stopped laughing, he reiterated that these two pictures MUST stay, to be a major focus of the new contemporary modern design.  Re-framed, but of course. Julie says she prefers not to think what the framing costs will run to...

There could be a whole lot of framing going on.  Julie picked up 6 more Napster prints to add to her collection. 

He is expecting a call, soon, from the house of design in New York, where the designer obviously recognizes a good thing when he sees it.

Zyba the Peacock

Napster has been painting up a storm this past month.

Assisting for this stunning creation were the three Zyba children; two Percival girls; and Kyle.  The kids selected the colours, mixed the palette, held it for the artist while he was on Kyle's shoulder...  This was the chapter in which Kyle learned that sometimes you have to suffer for your art, since towards the end of the session, the claws did come out.

We are blown away -- this is one of the best impressions of a Peacock that we have seen in a long long time.  From the detail in the beak and eye, the golden feathers in the crown, the long elegant neck, and the colourful sweep of the unfolding tail, this is a stunning example of Napster's vision and talent.

Four paws up, Napster -- you have done it again!!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Hangin' Judge

The hanger of fine art, that is!

What a thrill for Napster last week, when one of his paintings was selected by a member of the Superior Court of Justice to be hung in the Courthouse in London.

Science proves that stroking cats can lower blood pressure, reduce stress and generally increase endorphins for a healthier, happier person...

Perhaps the inclusion of Feline Art on the Scales of Justice will also have a positive influence!

The Cat can only hope!  (he is also delighted to have such an important patron... just in case he ever finds himself in need of legal assistance!)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

You Know You are Famous when...

Picture this:
Trivia Night at the Dwight Public Library.
The house is packed, with 20 tables, 6 contestants to a team.
The questions come fast and furious...

And there he is! The Famous Artist himself!
"What is the Name of Councillor Nancy Tapley's famous CAT?"

Of course, he sells cards through the library, and one of his works (Flight) is currently on offer at the silent auction..

But to have a question slide all to himself... well, now, THAT is fame!!!

Knowing the answer no doubt helped our Bondi teams -- the Braniacs from Bondi Beach were 2nd; and the Brainwaves finished in a closely contested 5th place.

And we know this is one question they ALL got right.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hanging out at the Vets'

His artwork, that is...

Napster is pleased to announce the hanging of two of his paintings -- CARDINALS and BIRD BATH, in the office foyer of Muskoka Animal Hospital.


Thanks Dr. Earl and Kathy!