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Friday, March 6, 2015

What a Way to Brighten a Snowy Day

I think it goes like this... and I see flowers.
but what do I know
 Napster is bored with Winter Whites.

Yesterday, he dragged out his paints, and created a piece of art to brighten any day.

The thing is (as is often the case with the Cat and his brush with art) we are not quite sure which way he meant it to hang on the wall...

And we are told that art requires a title to validate the piece, so we not only need to decide Which Way?  We also need a charming title for the work.

His friend Sharon thought it looked a little "Emily Carr" for the boldness of the style.


He's got some spring flowers blooming in the house right now, like a hibiscus that has a big pop of colour.

We're just not sure...

So... we'd like you to weigh in here please.  We'll pick a winner from the entries that we like the best, and that person will get a free packet of Napster's coveted art cards.

#3...  is that somebody leaning down to pull up a garden weed

#4. Could be Emily Carr... maybe...