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Friday, August 26, 2011

Going Dutch

Exciting stuff.   Napster has been asked to donate one of his artworks to a Charity based in Holland.
He is happy to comply. 

Eyes on Animals will be selling his card as a Christmas card to raise money for their Charity. With their Dutch connection, the piece they chose is Skaters -- a lovely abstract of skaters swirling and twirling, scarves flying in the winter air.

One of our guests, here from Ottawa, exclaimed the moment she saw this picture: "It's the Rideau Canal! The skaters!"

Eyes on Animals is an independent animal-welfare inspection organization with its headquarters in The Netherlands. Eyes on Animals was created in 2009 to fulfill the urgent need of overseeing that current European animal-protection legislation is being put into practice. They have volunteer investigators who are regularly in the field conducting inspections and watching out for animal welfare problems. While they work primarily in the Benelux, they also go to other countries where they feel they could be of help. 

The European animal-welfare laws are good in theory and are based on the following `five freedoms`:
  • freedom from thirst, hunger and malnutrition
  • freedom from discomfort
  • freedom from pain, injury and disease
  • freedom to express normal behavior
  • freedom from fear and distress
Napster whole heartedly supports this.  He was thrilled to get a postcard from the Co-ordinator/Head of Inspections, and he hopes his artwork will help to raise money for this very worthy cause.


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