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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fire and Ice

Think of a land of opposites -- of volcanoes and glaciers, hot springs and cold arctic waters, sweeping landscapes and narrow gorges. A land of northern lights and almost no trees...   Iceland.

It is a land of rare beauty, and contradictions, a place that can be many things to many people.

So how very fitting that it is now home to some of Napster's artwork -- which is itself beautiful and full of interpretations!  Margaret and Gunni snapped up an extensive collection of his cards to take home with them.

Iceland is also home to Annie  Thorisdottir, the Fittest Woman on Earth. She recently won the  2011 Reebok CrossFit Games, beating out 50 female finalists from a starting field of over 1600. Thorisdottir, age 21, hails from Kopavogur, Iceland and won $250,000 for her victory. 

Her outstanding achievement has inspired Napster -- he has been diligently walking this week: up to the stable, down to the lake, and jumping up onto his dining table.  Anything that encourages him to increase his activity levels is a good thing, so thanks Annie, for giving him that little psychological shove.  After all, it was part of his exercise and diet program that brought him into the world of art in the first place!

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