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Napster sincerely hopes that people viewing these images will enjoy them as much as we did in their creation, and that viewers will enter into the spirit of the exercise, as tongue-in-cheek and wonderful as it has been and continues to be.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Give it a Twist

Napster goes from strength to strength. His first original piece is currently up for auction at the Stewart Memorial Church fundraiser at the Dwight Library. A few days back, it was up to $65.00. He is hoping it gets to three figures for the Church, which is a very worthy cause.

His new note cards are in stock now, and can be ordered through this Blog, just contact his agent.

One of the most wonderful things about his paintings is that they can be viewed on so many levels. People see so many wonderful things within the works, that imaginations soar. And we have yet to find anyone who doesn't smile when they are introduced to his works.

A reminder, then, that the works Should be seen from many angles.

Take for example, Rider by Moonlight. Viewed one way, it can be interpreted as a horse and rider galloping across the page, a swirl of energy and movement. Napster knows horses. He spent several years living as the stable cat, and still visits his equine friends every day. From a cat's perspective, the horse is mostly legs and motion, and that's what he's captured.

But... turn that picture 90 degrees, and you can see how well the Cat knows the Horse. It becomes a lovely portrait of a horse's head.

Clever cat.

Monday, July 26, 2010


The thing about cats is that they know a good thing when they see it. That's why Napster is always willing to contribute to a good cause. So, when he was asked on Sunday to donate one of his prints to the Catapawlooza in Stratford, he was more than happy to oblige. After all, Napster knows very well what it's like to live as a wild, hungry cat... although he has come a long way since those early days.

Catapawlooza is a tent-event celebrating cats. It takes place Sunday, August 29, 2010, outdoors on the grounds of OSPCA-Perth, 345 Douro St., Stratford. 10am to 4pm. For anyone thinking of adopting a cat, come on out and meet some of our wonderful cats and kittens! A bbq, 50-50 draw, vendors, face-painting and vets / vet techs are all on hand to answer your questions.

Dolphins Chase the Moon was the selected print, and he hopes it helps draw a big crowd. He also hopes that crowd will adopt some of the wonderful cats just waiting to turn houses into homes... not only in Stratford, but at Shelters around the country.

A Rare Glimpse

Here's a rare look at Napster, at work at his easel. While comfortably cuddled in Michelle's arms, he was carefully crafting his next great opus.

Brooke held the palate for him, within easy reach. It is astonishing how, given a wide variety of colours to choose from, he so delicately selects the perfect blend to create his vision.
He has one unbendable rule, however. NOBODY touches the TAIL.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What an Honour

Four of Napster's Notes were selected to be framed and presented to Norm, on the occasion of his 75th birthday. He was delighted with the gift.

Napster was deeply honoured to be included in the celebrations


We don't think his tail has stopped twitching since.

His artwork is suitable for all occasions, and can be viewed on so many levels.

Tail Paintings for Tail Fins?

Could it be? One of Napster's prints, Dancer, was selected by a guest last week. The plan is to take it to London, England, where their son is living, and show it to a mutual friend, a member of the Branson family, from the Virgin Consortium...
She is an art connisseur, and a cat-lover...

So it is possible... just possible... (Cat's love to dream, that's why they nap) that one day we'll see Napster art on the tails of the Virgin Airlines planes.

It could happen...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

First International Sale!

When Mary-Kae dropped by and purchased one of Napster's framed prints to take as a gift to her neighbour in Arizona, Napster almost fell of the couch.

It was his first International Sale, and that IS a landmark! For any artist!

He sold two prints today -- Emilie scooped up an unframed copy of Flight as a gift for a cat-loving friend as well.

The next edition of Napster Notes should be here later this week. With three complete sets already spoken for, they look like they will sell out quickly as well!

There has even been some interest from a local gallery -- stay tuned! Napster could go global!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Wind in the Garden

Sue is one of Napster's dear friends (she lets him sleep on the foot of the bed when she is here, something that always slants his attitude towards a person) When she was here recently, she and Napster got their heads together, selected some bold colours, and set to work.

Titled, Wind in the Garden, we think it is inspired by the number of awards Sue won from her Horticultural Society's Spring Flower Show, combined with the amount of work she did (while Napster watched) in the garden here.

The movement of the wind sets the flowers and leaves into a delightful swirl of colour and life.

Worthy of its own award.

Limited edition prints are available by request.

Fan Club Letters! -- the excitement builds!

Anne dropped by to visit in the spring, and while here she was invited by Napster to join him in creating a work of art. "Tail Painting with the Stars," he calls it, when he invites those he considers Napster Note-worthy to hold the colour palate, and keep the art-paper conveniently in reach of his tail.

The work created was titled Rider By Moonlight -- Anne was convinced she could see a Voltige rider, arms outstretched, under one of Napster's signature blobs of white. The horse is wonderfully alive, abstract, galloping in both directions across the page. Napster sent a framed print to Anne, who received it where she keeps her horse, near Port Perry.

She writes:
I was so touched to receive such a lovely and original work of Napster's art. It will always bring very special memories of a visit to an amazing place and its amazing owner. Napster has a rare genius, as does his owner! I could have sold that painting ten times over just today -- but will settle for promoting the heck out of Napster cards. You have started yet another phenomena.

Love and best wishes always,


Napster advises that he can accept (through his management team) requests for framed prints, and suggests that Anne go ahead and take orders. He also suggests that she should come back soon to visit him. He thinks she has a particularly lovely lap, ideal for cat-napping.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Reprints will be available soon!

Napster has sold out of the complete sets of Napster Notes (8 cards, with envelopes, for $20)

He still has individual cards for sale. $3.00 each. ($4.00 at the Dwight Library, because all their cards sell for $4.00 and because the proceeds go to such good causes.)

There are a very limited number of 8X10 prints also available: $40/framed; $15 unframed, and let us just say that they look incredibly striking hanging on the wall. We have one in the entryway and everyone who walks through the door comments on it favourably. Napster Art is a great addition and talking point to your classroom, office, home or executive suite.

Proceeds from his art go to his current charity, A Wing and a Prayer Bird Rescue.

Art may be ordered through this blog, and we will ship direct (postage added) or you can drop by the Bondi office, where it is always on display.

And, we would simply like to add, if Napster Art does not bring a smile to your face and make you chuckle, you need more help than we can provide. Sit down somewhere cool, and try stroking a cat... it will do you a world of good.

Friday, July 2, 2010


We're very excited about this. The sophistication of technique in this unique artwork will catch the eye of art critics everywhere.

One of his recent works, this is currently not available in Note Card or Limited Print, but we're sure the demand will be there. It will be available through special order until the next run of cards can include it.

While Napster had chosen to work with a very "himself" coloured palate, perhaps considering a self-portrait, he was distracted by the flight of kestrel darting into one of the trees near the window in pursuit of a songbird.

Regretably, pursuit of songbirds is something Napster can relate to, and the vision of the artwork shifted, leaving us with this charming image of a falcon -- note the incredible detail in beak and eye! -- sitting on a branch, surrounded by a bower of branches, waiting.
Or, because the Cat's work is never static or one-dimensional, you may see the face of the fox, looking back at you, probably with designs on the chickens...

Fish in Red Coral

While we believe the inspiration for this came from watching Finnian the Beta Fighting Fish patrol in his big glass bowl, there is a lovely underwater flow to the piece.
You'd expect to see a mermaid popping up any time... as the fish glides by, trailing its soft greeny blue fins and tail.

Rider by Moonlight

Another very popular piece. Napster was assisted by his good friend Anne. Utilizing only the dry-tail brush strokes, he has captured a highly stylized vaulting rider, arms extended, on a galloping horse.
Along with colour and motion, he has employed minimal brushing to render a work that stays in the mind.

But wait... is the horse going to the left, or to the right? It is possible to see both directions in this fascinating work, Napster's way of reminding us all that there is always more than one way to see the world.

Dolphins Chase the Moon

This stunning painting is one of our favourites. You can easily see why. The detail in the dolphins, the motion in the waves around them, the glorious leaping activity... it's just a beautiful piece.

Napster's friend Sharon helped him prepare the palate for this work.

He had considered titling it 'where's the tuna'... but let us not dwell on that. Dolphins it is, definitely, joyously, freely, dolphins.

Which is quite fitting. On a trip to the Clearwater Aquarium in Florida, Nancy met Nicholas, a rescue dolphin who also enjoys painting. Although none of Nicholas' works depict a cat...


Mike was honoured to assist in this creation, carefully blending the palate after spending some quality time with Napster on his lap communing about the colours.

While some people say they see a goose flying south -- which is fine with Mike, because he wages constant battle against the geese setting up housekeeping on our docks and lawns -- there is a rather elfin, Entwood feeling to the flow and action in the piece. The brush strokes -- again, a damp-tail technique -- flow as effortlessly as the dancer, creating visual poetry.


This is the image selected by the Stewart Memorial Church group to be auctioned off at their fundraiser at the end of July in Dwight.

As is typical of Napster's work, there is a wonderful sense of lifting freedom in the brush strokes, a totally holistic interpretation of the unity of mind and body.
Charmian selected this image -- and yes, they are selling the original piece, not a print -- because it brought to mind the Dove of Peace, ascending.
Napster hopes that you too find enlightenment and joy in this image. He is proud to be supporting the fund-raising efforts for the Dwight church, and adds that he is in favour of Church Mice everywhere.


This is one of Napster's most popular images to date.

A wonderful sense of freedom, and lifting on wings permeates the image.

The vibrant colours add to the movement of the vision to create a memorable piece of art that will grace any wall.

This is the image Napster has chosen to donate to A Wing and Prayer along with his first cheque from his proceeds.

Muskoka Sunset

When Dave and Mike assist Napster at the easel, the tendency is to employ the 'wet tail' brushing technique. The resulting brush work is less detailed than with a 'dry tail' technique, but the sweep of the tail lends itself to large motifs.

Combined with the vivid palate, this piece evokes the shades of an autumn sunset reflected in the lake.

Some folks see an Archer, some -- turning the piece on its side -- picture an Anchor.
Like many of Napster's works, it can be many things to many people.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Spring Garden

Napster's first piece. Note the bold use of the tail strokes, vibrant colours, and rich accents.