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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another Award

Napster's friend Susan snapped this picture of him last summer, relaxing in his garden.

Now, Sue has a garden of her own, in Holland Landing, and it's a doozy.

She has repeatedly won awards from the local horticultural society, and is regularly featured on their annual Garden Tour. 

It would seem the only thing she's missing is a cat who knows how to pose...   When she was visiting, Napster was happy to take on the assignment.

She entered this photo in the Garden Club photo contest, under the heading of "help in the garden"... and -- but of course, was there ever any doubt? -- it took first place.  After all, who could resist this study, The Portrait of the Artist as a Resting Cat?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

What a Busy Week We've Had!

What a cat!  Since his triumphal sales at both the Baysville Library Silent Auction (where the print was the most hotly contested item, going up in $2 increments, bidders hovering in the background) and A Wing and a Prayer's Silent Auction, where both his prints on offer sold for really good money, Napster has had a whirlwind of sales.

Recognizing talent when they see it, his Vet Clinic has ordered four of his prints.  A long-time fan and collector has just picked up one of his newer designs, he sold one to guests here from Switzerland, and also to guests here from Southern Ontario...  

One of his fans stopped by the Dwight Public Library and bought out all the cards he had on display there (but be of good cheer -- he has made sure we restocked the library card rack!)

One of our very best local restaurants has expressed an interest in featuring one of his prints, and we expect that to be ready for viewing within the next week.

And just this morning, he received a phone order for another print, this to be a Housewarming gift. How perfect... after all, a home without a cat is just a house...  and we can say the same thing about Cat Art...

It cones as no great surprise -- in the world of art, it is all about what the viewer perceives, and his work gives great scope and brings great joy.

He was interested to see some of the work of the 4 year old child Aleita Andre who is currently selling her fingerpainting artwork for up to $30,000.  While in no way detracting from her talents, Napster does make note that this work is directed -- the parents admit to preparing the canvas, suggesting colours, and deciding when the work is complete.  Napster, on the other tail, insists that he begins with a clean page, no one touches the tail, and he himself decides when he is no longer going to continue painting. 

We don't suggest his work is better... nor that it is worse.  And we hope that this child continues to paint with such joyous abandon and innocence long after the World has infringed on her childhood.  We'd like to own this particular image painted by Aleita -- we just don't think we can afford those pricetags...

We do suggest that Napster's work is joyously unfettered, and decidedly more affordable, however, if you are lookiong for that special something to hang in the hall...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Failure to Floss

When you start life living wild, you don't always pay sufficient attention to your health needs.  By the time Napster came to us, he carried the marks of a rough and tumble existence -- scarred ears, broken teeth.  Sue, who rescued him from the wilderness, had already taken care of the necessary vaccinations and interventions. He arrived here healthy, if with a lot of character.

And healthy he has remained. Well, except for that period when his waistline expanded to exceed his length, but he was able to get back on top of that with the assistance of his walking program.  Weight loss is all about movement. He has a great deal of empathy for Kirstie Alley and her journey with Dancing with the Stars.

He is attended regularly by our stable vet, who gives him his annual check-up, and if there is anything amiss, refers him to a small animal vet clinic. He gets regular dishes of kibble designed to remove tartar and keep his teeth gleaming.

So it was a bit of a shock when he was wrestling with Taffy earlier this spring and BOING ... one of his canine teeth tangled up in her woolly coat and came out.  Flossing, we decided, is best not done using puppy fur.  This was one honkin' big tooth...  and we were concerned that it might leave enough of a hole for infection to sneak on in there. 

When the area was still red and sore looking a week or so later, Napster found himself bundled off to visit the vet. Now, sadly, car ravel and vet visits are not really high on his list of favourite activities.  The staff at the Muskoka Animal Hospital are excellent, and try very hard to make him feel right at home, but, well, it is a vet clinic. It smells of medicine, and worse, it smells of strange dogs. He was grumpy about the whole thing.

But he had to be there.  In order to get a really good look in that little cat mouth, Dr. Earl had to give him an anaesthetic... and that was the chapter in which we learned that the tooth which gave it all away by coming out was already abscessed.  Plus he had another tooth abscess, and some other dental issues with resorbing roots and broken molars and things you really don't see unless you take an xray.  It was evident he had failed to floss.  Any dentist will warn you of the repercussions of that oversight.

 Dr. Earl and Kathy were long time Bondi guests -- right up until they decicded they liked the area so much they were going to move their Vet Clinic here.

That's the thing about cats -- they rarely mention if they have tooth pain.  We report however that his mouse-breath condition has gone away, and we attribute that to his new dental health!

Not that there's much left to be considered dental... with only one front canine, he has a distincly lopsided smile, but it really just adds to his artistic mystique.

He is completely recovered, seems to be even a happier cat, and is enjoying his long walks in the spring air.  His art is selling exceptionally well, and all is wonderful in Napster's world.  Except that the puppy still tries to wrestle him to the ground... regularly.  Even world-famous artists sometimes get no respect...