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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Santa Claws

Napster has not posted for a few months -- he has been enjoying being out of doors, and watching the birds at the feeder from the back of his chair. We think he draws a lot of inspiration from watching his world!

But now, he is gearing up for the Christmas season, when Santa Claws and his trusty reindeer will be delivering Napster Notes and Prints for stockings and gifts.

(we are informed that this is one rein-dear, and one stan-deer-ed poodle, but let us knot quibble)

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Mike is a big Fan of Napster's work, and has two in his own home.

Each summer, he picks up a few more as house-warming and other gifts for his friends.

Napster had a little snuggle with him, just his way of saying "thanks."

Gallery, Open by Chance or Appointment

Having first heard of Napster at the Noah's Larks' dinner at the Pioneer Memorial Church, where one of his paintings sold for $50 to aid the cause at the silent auction, there was nothing to be done except to drive out and meet the artist in person (cat-son?) at his studio at Bondi Village.

June Gibson, Joan Macaw and Ann Hutley made an afernoon of touring the artist's studio and taking home some swag in the form of note-cards.

Of course, Joan (a Macaw herself) had to have his image of Two Macaws...

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

New Fans, new Friends

Napster has been selling a lot of his artwork this summer, which is great news for his charities.  He's also been making a lot of new friends.

At the Star Search and Wolf Howl evening this week, he came out in the dark to greet Dan, his newest fan.

Monday, July 28, 2014

One Upset Cat

Napster was heartbroken this week when the copy of Macleans Magazine arrived in our mailbox. The August 4 & 11 'double issue' of this great Canadian magazine contains a preview of thh Blog of Lists, due to be published in the next issue.

Now, we love Macleans magazine. We enjoy the articles, even when we don't agree with the viewpoints, and we enjoy the Blog of Lists -- such as the 5 incredible historical artifacts stolen by Canada's most thief (who knew???); and 10 weird things you can only do in Canada...

But... this year they included a list of the 8 Top-Selling Animal Artists.
1. Congo, the chimpanzee, in London, at $26, 352.00
2. Ruby the elephant, in Phoenix, at $25,000
3. The Orangutans of Krefield Zoo, Germany, at $4100.

Well, you get the gist, and you can see the picture. We would normally link to that page, but we couldn't find it on-line yet.

"So," said David, "how much has Napster sold?" We did the math. He has just cracked $12,000 in Gross Sales. All of his profits go to charities, including a Wing and a Prayer, Aspen Valley Wildlife, various Animal Shelters, the local churches and libraries, Cancer society, the local foodbank, and more. That is a LOT of money raised by a small, portly ginger housecat over the past four years.

And by our math, that would put him in slot number Three.

So we wrote a letter to Macleans. You can support it, by firing off a letter to to support Napster's artwork and his tentative claim to fame. After all, he is Canadian, and he's doing great work... and he has works around the globe...

Come on Macleans, do the right thing, and recognize this Canadian cat!
Bird on a Wire

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bondi Resort BLOG: Napster goes to Legendary Cowdray House

Bondi Resort BLOG: Napster goes to Legendary Cowdray House: Earlier this summer, Andrew, one of our long-time Bondi Family, was here for the annual Williams/Hadden Family reunion. He confessed tha...

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Unicorns and Dreaming

Napster had a visit from a young artist, Amber Fyfe, last week.

Amber picked out the colours, Napster communed a bit with Amber, and then he whipped up this.

Audrey, Amber's mom, right away spotted the lady with the flowing cloak riding on the unicorn...  Now, he has been watching Lord of the Rings reruns...

We think it quite lovely!