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Monday, August 27, 2012

Chairman Meow

Napster was fascinated by Adam's shirt -- Chairman Meow!

Daniel picked him up so he could get a closer look.

They were visiting us from England this summer. Learned how to make 'proper' s'mores, so look for those at the next block party 'back 'ome.'

Also picked up some of Napster's work to take as a hostess gift.

Behind them they left a cat who is now dreaming of Revolution...

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Always delighted to meet his fans, and to make new ones, Napster was honoured this summer to make friends with Maia, who purchased a copy of Anchors Away to decorate her room

And Charles, who was very taken with Here Be Dragons.  This is one of the very '
turnable' Napster prints -- hung vertically, it is called Just Dance... this way, the dragon's face is very clear, and when you flip it one more time, it becomes a school of goldfish. Very very versatile, and a great addition to Charles' existing Napster collection!

Napster also enjoyed a visit from young Kendra, who has yet to decide which of his paintings she would like Mom to get, but who brought the very best of pats along.