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Friday, July 30, 2010

Give it a Twist

Napster goes from strength to strength. His first original piece is currently up for auction at the Stewart Memorial Church fundraiser at the Dwight Library. A few days back, it was up to $65.00. He is hoping it gets to three figures for the Church, which is a very worthy cause.

His new note cards are in stock now, and can be ordered through this Blog, just contact his agent.

One of the most wonderful things about his paintings is that they can be viewed on so many levels. People see so many wonderful things within the works, that imaginations soar. And we have yet to find anyone who doesn't smile when they are introduced to his works.

A reminder, then, that the works Should be seen from many angles.

Take for example, Rider by Moonlight. Viewed one way, it can be interpreted as a horse and rider galloping across the page, a swirl of energy and movement. Napster knows horses. He spent several years living as the stable cat, and still visits his equine friends every day. From a cat's perspective, the horse is mostly legs and motion, and that's what he's captured.

But... turn that picture 90 degrees, and you can see how well the Cat knows the Horse. It becomes a lovely portrait of a horse's head.

Clever cat.

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