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Friday, July 2, 2010


We're very excited about this. The sophistication of technique in this unique artwork will catch the eye of art critics everywhere.

One of his recent works, this is currently not available in Note Card or Limited Print, but we're sure the demand will be there. It will be available through special order until the next run of cards can include it.

While Napster had chosen to work with a very "himself" coloured palate, perhaps considering a self-portrait, he was distracted by the flight of kestrel darting into one of the trees near the window in pursuit of a songbird.

Regretably, pursuit of songbirds is something Napster can relate to, and the vision of the artwork shifted, leaving us with this charming image of a falcon -- note the incredible detail in beak and eye! -- sitting on a branch, surrounded by a bower of branches, waiting.
Or, because the Cat's work is never static or one-dimensional, you may see the face of the fox, looking back at you, probably with designs on the chickens...

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