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Monday, July 12, 2010

Fan Club Letters! -- the excitement builds!

Anne dropped by to visit in the spring, and while here she was invited by Napster to join him in creating a work of art. "Tail Painting with the Stars," he calls it, when he invites those he considers Napster Note-worthy to hold the colour palate, and keep the art-paper conveniently in reach of his tail.

The work created was titled Rider By Moonlight -- Anne was convinced she could see a Voltige rider, arms outstretched, under one of Napster's signature blobs of white. The horse is wonderfully alive, abstract, galloping in both directions across the page. Napster sent a framed print to Anne, who received it where she keeps her horse, near Port Perry.

She writes:
I was so touched to receive such a lovely and original work of Napster's art. It will always bring very special memories of a visit to an amazing place and its amazing owner. Napster has a rare genius, as does his owner! I could have sold that painting ten times over just today -- but will settle for promoting the heck out of Napster cards. You have started yet another phenomena.

Love and best wishes always,


Napster advises that he can accept (through his management team) requests for framed prints, and suggests that Anne go ahead and take orders. He also suggests that she should come back soon to visit him. He thinks she has a particularly lovely lap, ideal for cat-napping.

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