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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Muskoka Music Men come to Call ... and Sing

Napster was honoured to welcome the Muskoka Music Men to his house this evening.

They were here to sing during the Chowder Bowl Clam Race.  42 Clams came to the start, and are racing overnight under drizzly wet conditions.

The Music Men are fantastic. They come each year for us, with a Barbershop Quartet.  Napster points out that is is a V.L.Q. this year -- a Very Large Quartet. The more the merrier we always say!

Without them, the Clam Race would just be a bunch of clams vying for a trophy. With them, it is an Event with a capital E.

They raise funds for speech therapy, and Napster is delighted to meet friends who also raise money for worthy charities.  He came down immediately to say hello and hopped up on one of the stools. We think he perhaps was rather hoping he would be asked to sing harmony...

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