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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Oh Man! Napster sells art to Oman!

Such excitement! Sherry was with us for the last two weeks, for the annual Family Reunion that has been going on every summer for the past 52 years and as the kids grow up, and the grandkids start their own families, the Reunion just keeps getting bigger and better.

Sherry and Rob have been posted to Masqat, Oman for the next few years. Sherry joined the Omani Womens' Guild, and is working with a group of young entrepreneurs. Recently she was selected as a coach for the Cartier Women's Initiative Awards and will be working with a young woman from Libya - exciting stuff!

She scooped up three of Napster's masterpieces to take back to Oman.

Running Wolf

Dolphins Chase the Moon

and Commedia del'Arte

They work beautifully together as a triptych, and Napster is thrilled to add Oman to his list of collector countries.

He posed with Sherry this morning, proudly wearing his "Purrrr-ka"...

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