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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Who Knew!? Surprise Award sends Napster to 24 Sussex Drive

Here was something we didn't expect.

Last weekend, Laureen Harper was in town, with Minister Tony Clement. They went out on Stand Up Paddleboards, they visited the SPCA, they presented awards to the volunteers of the Marine Society in Gravenhurst. They did the 'glad handing' appearances that they do.

And then, out of the blue, on the S.S. Segwun, Tony presented Laureen with a painting. The comment is made that it should be in the National Art Gallery -- Napster would be happy to paint a companion for the much debated "Voice of Fire," which cost the nations millions. For a small fee, he would be happy to provide "Voice of Fur." Seriously...

One of Napster's. Now, he got it a bit wrong, when he said Napster's tail 'got dipped into paint' -- Napster picks the paint up all by himself. Nobody touches the tail...

but we quibble... Tony needs to drop by and spent five minutes Painting with Napster... He'd be very welcome.

Mrs. Harper is a fan of cats. She described the print as "fantastic."

The print is one that can be hung several ways -- horizontally it is titled Ascending. It has been auctioned in the past to raise funds for the local United Church.

But when you turn it, it becomes a lovely Woodpecker. And sold hung that way for the Me to We Fundraiser a few years ago.

We don't know which way it will hang in 24 Sussex Drive, but we do hope it will bring Mrs. Harper great joy.

Napster was so overcome by this news that he had to go lie down... While he has a print with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and another with the Governor General, he was quite suprised by this presentation.

But he also wanted Mrs. Harper to know that to date he has raised almost $9,000 for various charities. Most recently, one of his works auctioned for Busting Out, a Breast Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat team in Ottawa. That print went to a couple -- she from Sweden, and he from Malaysia! Napster has been sold all around the world!

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