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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cats in the Hall. And Dogs.

Napster is deeply honoured to have two of his prints hanging in the waiting room of the Muskoka Animal Hospital.  He is also very grateful to the staff and Dr. Earl for taking care of his dental emergency earlier this year, allowing him to return to his sunbeam on the back of the couch completely pain free and comfy.

His pictures keep watch over a busy roomful of dogs and cats.

He was also thrilled to be featured in their recent Client Newsletter.

The featured painting is titled -- depending on which way you turn it -- Running Wolf... or, Bluebirds at Dawn.   It hangs currently in a vet clinic in Maui, Hawaii, and with fine art collectors everywhere.

Napster's prints and cards make truly wonderful Christmas gifts for any vet or cat lover on your list.  He just wanted me to mention that...

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