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Friday, December 2, 2011

See(chelt) Napster help The SPCA

Well, here's a thrill for the Cat!  Earlier this fall, Cindy was visiting from the Sunshine Coast. Her mom, Ginny, is a big Napster fan and a bonafide art collector.

Long story short, Cindy asked if it was possible to have a Napster print for the BC SPCA taking place at Sechelt on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Canada. Napster was more than happy to comply.  He has raised over $1000 for the Animal Shelter for Huntsville this year, through direct donations and sales of art at auctions.  Being born in a hayloft, he knows what it is like not to have a house and a family, and he feels that all the cats and kittens in our overcrowded shelters deserve loving and forever homes. He does what he can.

This week, we got an email from Cindy,

"On November 20 we held our second annual Pub Night Fundraiser at the Lighthouse Pub where we used the Napster Felinus Print in our silent auction! The piece ended up going for $75 to a woman named Virginia. I have attached a photo of her and her new print for your blog!

Thank you so very much for your donation of this print - it was a fantastic contribution to the event!"

Thanks for letting us know the outcome of the auction Cindy -- it was an honour to be able to participate!

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