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Thursday, November 10, 2011

In time for Christmas

Napster has received word from Eyes on Animals that they now have their Christmas cards at the printers (and translated into both Dutch and German!)

Based in Amsterdam, this group is an independent animal-welfare inspection organization with headquarters in The Netherlands. Eyes on Animals was created in 2009 to fulfill the urgent need of overseeing that current European animal-protection legislation is being put into practice.  Volunteer investigators  are regularly in the field conducting inspections and watching out for animal welfare problems. They work primarily in the Benelux, but also go to other countries where they could be of help.

Earlier this year, the Charity asked if they might have one of Napster's art prints to sell as a card. He was more than happy to oblige.  They chose Skaters, because of the obvious connection not only to the Christmas season, but also to the famous Dutch canals and skaters.

These cards will be available for sale through their on-line 'store' as soon as they come back from the printers, which should be any day now.

Napster also has packs of assorted cards right here at home, four for $10;eight for $20 (plus postage) that make great stocking stuffers and gifts. Anyone who loves cats loves Napster's cards, and all proceeds go to worthy charities.  You can contact Napster through his Blog to make orders.

Happy Holidays!

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