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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Side trip down SIDEROADS, to help Japan

Bird Bath

Sarah Ryeland came by recently, to have a chat, and a snuggle.  Napster was in a bit of a mood when she arrived -- having been rolled over and over by the pestilential new puppy in the house, and also having been interrupted in his mid-day snack.  Still, although a bit grumpily, he agreed to paint a picture with Sarah, and as always, his artistic vision rose to the occasion.

Sarah works for SIDEROADS magazine, which is a pretty nifty publication.  She selected the colours, and held the artist so he could easily reach his easel.

Spring was in the air, birds were crowding at the feeders by the window, ice was dripping from the eaves.  With this as his source of inspiration, Napster painted BIRD BATH, his latest work.

Sarah wrote about this in the Spring issue of Sideroads, in an article called An Unlikely Artist.

Here's what she said about Bird Bath:
"If you look closely, you’ll see a dark lake, with bluebirds splashing and playing in the water. Above the water, there are birds soaring into the sky, playfully diving and twirling.
To us, this painting represents hope and a fresh start. It reminds us of birds returning to Muskoka in the spring, rebuilding their nests and lives and strengthening bonds."

Sarah also asked if Napster would direct proceeds from the sale of this work to the Red Cross efforts to assist Japan.

He is more than happy to comply with that request. In fact, he'll go even better than that -- any sales that he makes from people inquiring about his art because of Sarah's article, he'll put all that into the Red Cross fund.  Just tell us you read about him in Sideroads!

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