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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Right Royal Occasion!

Dolphins Chase the Moon, and engagement ring
Napster is a big fan of the Royal Family.  After all, cats have been linked to Royalty since royalty was invented.  Which is considerably later than cats were invented, but let that pass.

So when he heard the great news about the Royal Wedding of HRH William and Kate Middleton, well... of course he wanted to participate in some small way.  Seeing that the Royal couple were asking for donations to charities, he didn't want to overspend, but he did want to -- along with his people and agent -- wish them well.

Thanks to Colour Crazy, Aben Graphics, he was able to have one of his prints enlarged and plaque mounted at a very generous discount.  This company has been totally supportive of Napster since the beginning of his career, and he is very grateful for their ongoing support.  He chose Dolphins Chase the Moon, hoping it would be suitable for their home at Anglesey, next to the ocean. and because of the recurring theme of blues in the story:  HRH William's air force blue uniform... Kate's lovely deep blue dress... the sapphire engagement ring. (and yes, Napster has a copy of that ring, very treasured, loaned to him by his agent, who acquired in while floating about in London in 1981 when Princess Di married Prince Charles)  His hope is that the print will remind them that there is beauty in unexpected places, humour to be found everywhere, and even the smallest of their loyal subjects can help to make a difference.

Napster got his agent to write a covering letter to go with the print.  Barb at the Post Office helped package and label the parcel for international travel, and off it went.

Just imagine his delight when today's mail brought him a letter from St. James Palace, the office of HRH Prince William of Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton,  thanking him "most sincerely for the delightful print"

Now, that is royal class, that is!  We can hardly pry him away from the letter... But we will. We'll frame it for him, and hang it where he can see it every day.

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