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Friday, April 29, 2011

Alp! Napster has a Fan Club in Switzerland!

We had guests staying with us over the Easter weekend, visiting from Switzerland.  Now, as Nancy handed over the Park Pass for Algonquin, she got all over-confident, and guaranteed that they would see a moose...

It is a really good bet, in April in May. But a guarantee?  So it was with some satisfaction that when they returned from their first day in Algonquin, Doris reported that they had seen "thousands" of moose.  "Well," corrected Stefan, "not perhaps thousands... but very many."

What they had not seen was a pileated woodpecker tree, or a beech tree all scarred with bear claw marks. We went for an after dinner hike to find some for them. 

Napster decided he would come along. Achmed is the usual hiking cat, but this evening he stayed home, sleeping by the fire, and it was Napster Himself who came with us, across the road, into the woods, all the way to the bear tree.  That was a great honour, as Nancy was swift to point out.

We found trees that had been hacked apart by the pileated woodpecker, and talked about the woodpecker's astonishing tongue.

And we found beech trees holding the marks of hungry claws.   Several of Napster's cards found their way into Doris' luggage.

Nor did the adventure stop there. Doris assures us that once they are back home, she is going to head up an Official Fan Club for Napster in Switzerland.  She can be contacted through this blog site.  If you'd like to be Swiss Napster Fan, send us an email, we'll forward it on.

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