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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Endings are Beginnings

Napster has been through a lot of life experiences. Not all have been pleasant. Living wild on whatever mice one can catch for dinner... Having one's ears shredded along the edges by nasty other cats... Getting wedged tight in a cat flap door... Suffering through several abscessed teeth... He has risen above it all, establishing himself not only as a wonderful cat-  anality but as a reknowned artist who is now sold all around the globe (except for South America... if you have friends in Patagonia, here's a hint for a Christmas gift) This autumn, however, he ran smack dab into a serious health issue. For reasons unknown, he developed glaucoma in his left eye. Several trips to Midland to visit the eye specialist "Dr. Sue", followed.  Bless her, she snapped up one of his prints in exchange for some of the necessary tests. Every penny helps when it comes to vet bills. As the eye deteriorated, the time came when it had to be removed. That took place at the Muskoka Animal Hospital in late November.    Napster is home from surgery, with rather a rakish piratical look about him. He is recovering well, with a lovely return of interest and energy. During the winter cold, his favourite place in the house is sitting on the back of one of the armchairs watching the birds at the feeder. Dreaming catly dreams. This week, he painted for the first time since back in the summer. All fall he was obviously more focused on his health. We think the work is stunningly lovely. Titled "Out of the Dark" to celebrate his return from that dark, painful episode, he is open to other title suggestions. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


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