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Friday, November 23, 2012

The Next Chapter Begins

two macaws
Napster has been quiet on his Blog this autumn. Which doesn't mean he has not been very very busy.

But does mean, sadly, that he suffered a health issue. He developed glaucoma in one eye, and spent too much time commuting to the vet and the specialist. Then he had to get busy to sell some paintings to help finance the surgery that was required.

That mision is on-going. The cost of medicine is prohibitive. Long live OHIP for people!!! Wow.  If you were considering a purchase of his cards, or a print, now would be a helpful time.

Two Macaws, one of his new prints, has been very popular of late.

Seahorse. (bottom right side)
So too has Seahorse,  his underwater fantasy based on hours of watching Frilly Fish swim through the coral in his fishbowl.  It sold internationally to fans from South Africa.

aargh, matey
But the big news we now report is that he went for surgery to remove the diseased eye this week, and is now home, eating, sleeping, purring -- did we mention purring? -- walking outside, watching his birds at the feeder, studying his fish in the tank, cuddling with Taffy. And did we mention purring?

He is still of course in recuperative mode, and looks a little gnarly, but we are confident that he will be able to rock this new self image. He has overcome so much in his life, constantly rising above adversity.  One of his fans has already photo-shopped a suggested 'look' for him.

He has paws crossed that perhaps Johnny Depp will drop by, with the cast of Pirates of the Caribbean, to offer some encouraging words, and perhaps cast him in Pirates V...

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