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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Zyba the Peacock

Napster has been painting up a storm this past month.

Assisting for this stunning creation were the three Zyba children; two Percival girls; and Kyle.  The kids selected the colours, mixed the palette, held it for the artist while he was on Kyle's shoulder...  This was the chapter in which Kyle learned that sometimes you have to suffer for your art, since towards the end of the session, the claws did come out.

We are blown away -- this is one of the best impressions of a Peacock that we have seen in a long long time.  From the detail in the beak and eye, the golden feathers in the crown, the long elegant neck, and the colourful sweep of the unfolding tail, this is a stunning example of Napster's vision and talent.

Four paws up, Napster -- you have done it again!!!!

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