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Thursday, July 21, 2011

You Know You are Famous when...

Picture this:
Trivia Night at the Dwight Public Library.
The house is packed, with 20 tables, 6 contestants to a team.
The questions come fast and furious...

And there he is! The Famous Artist himself!
"What is the Name of Councillor Nancy Tapley's famous CAT?"

Of course, he sells cards through the library, and one of his works (Flight) is currently on offer at the silent auction..

But to have a question slide all to himself... well, now, THAT is fame!!!

Knowing the answer no doubt helped our Bondi teams -- the Braniacs from Bondi Beach were 2nd; and the Brainwaves finished in a closely contested 5th place.

And we know this is one question they ALL got right.

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