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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Keeping the FUN in Fundraising

Napster had a print at the Animal Shelter for Huntsville fundraiser last month. It did very well,  That's good. Napster started out as a wild cat without a sofa to call his own, so he knows what it's like for a stray.

His 'first family,' Sue from Lane's End came to visit a few weeks back. She went home with some prints for herself, and also one he donated to her event, Lane's End Horse Trials this August, which is raising money for cancer.  Sue is a cancer survivor. So is our Brian, so we are all keen to support this cause as well.

This Saturday, he will have two of his prints on offer for A Wing and a Prayer's annual Fundraiser in Port Carling, at the Community Centre, from 12.30.  He has raised over $1000.00 for A Wing and a Prayer.  There's still time to grab a ticket for that event! Give Janice a call!

His print that was auctioned at the Hamilton to Haiti fundraiser sold for well above it's listed price.  That's money going to one of the most deserving causes.

It's an astonishing list, really, the charities that Napster has taken under his paw. We're impressed at how successful his efforts have been, how very well received.

We're proud of that cat.  Not that he lets it go to his head.  But then, he has a dog to keep him grounded.

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