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Friday, August 6, 2010

Meeting the Fans

Napster spent a little quality time this afternoon with Amelia and Josephine, two of his young fans.

The girls are interested in him only as a cat, never mind his ever increasing fame. And that is just the way Napster likes it.

Although he can't help being a little excited about the Silent Auction that closes tomorrow at the Dwight Library. At the last report, his original painting, Ascending, was leading the Robert Bateman print of a sketched moose head.

We have warned him that the Bateman may make a late stretch run to get in the lead (and so it should, being by a far more established artist and, if we do admit it, vastly superior art! We are in awe of Robert Bateman) but even so, the 15 minutes of fame it has offered are like 15 years for a cat!

Tomorrow is the last day for the silent auction. There are great deals to be had -- including the Bateman print, which would look great on any wall. As would Napster's original...
And there are many other items on offer. If you've got any time at all tomorrow morning, you should go...

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