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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Carnival Dancer

Napster has several new works this summer.

Carnival Dancer takes its inspiration from the brightness and laughter of his five young friends at Bondi Village who helped him select the colour palate, then tosses in a little Caribana flavour. Fond as he is of feathers, you can sense the feathery head-dress and costume on this bright little dancer, shaking to the Steel Drums of Carabana!

Then, give it a twist, and you can find her partner, running to catch up with her, hands thrown over his head and legs pumping!

This print will be available for sale next week. It's currently in set up at Color Crazy. That's good news for the several folks who have already put their name in for a print of Carnival Dancer!

There's lots more to find in this work, as in all his interpretive paintings. We love the colour and sense of fun in this piece, the dynamic movement of the strokes, the vitality... you can almost hear the laughter of a Festival!

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