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Friday, February 20, 2015

Coming soon to a news-stand near you.

He's been trying to contain his excitement.  After being snubbed in Macleans Magazine back in July, by being omitted completely from their list of animal artists (and there may be reasons, but he was still upset), Napster was thrilled to get a phone call interview from one of the Macleans' writers.

Seems that there has been a persistent mail-in campaign to Macleans from his fan-base, culminating with the Old Salts Canoe Club putting together a petition with over 50 names on it...

THAT got the attention of Canada's most widely read magazine.

So, fingers crossed... while he had hoped for nothing more than a simple correction, a mention of his art, below the fold on page 5...   he is now all a-quiver that he may get a bit more recognition than that.

Stay tuned.  As they say, don't touch that dial...

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