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Sunday, June 24, 2012


This is the orphan fawn, in the foreground, that was found in Bondi's back fields. We also found the dead doe...  when you find a fawn, it is normally best just not to touch. Take some heart-touching photographs, and just let them be. But this one, with a dead doe nearby, had spent over 24 hours in the same spot, in the rain.  We called the Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, and they advised us that it was time to collect her and bring her in.

At the Sanctuary, she has found friends. There are five fawns currently in the nursery, and she is almost inseparable from this one. That's good. Life is a lot better with friends.

Napster has been fundraising, and so far has gathered in about $200 towards the fawn's care.  He is offering a discounted rate on all his work -- bracelets for $25; 10% off all his artwork.

Contact us through the Blog if you would like to purchase any of his works.  Or, if you simply have no room on the walls or on your wrist, the Sanctuary can take deposits directly.

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