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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Brian and Sue, from The Briars dropped in today. They had been at a social media seminar, and while there heard that Bondi Village had a cat who painted.

Not possible! -- that was the first thought. Closely followed by "This we've got to see."

So over they came after the seminar, and met the artist.  He was very gracious, as he always is with his fans.  His gallery was displayed. He purred, was petted and admired. Slipped sveltely through the cat-flap door just to show how slim and trim he is. 

They purchased several of his cards.  Brian is himself an artist. He teaches a watercolour class at The Briars, and we are hoping that he will drop by at a later date to paint with Napster.  The cat is pretty excited at the concept!

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