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Saturday, June 11, 2011

What a Busy Week We've Had!

What a cat!  Since his triumphal sales at both the Baysville Library Silent Auction (where the print was the most hotly contested item, going up in $2 increments, bidders hovering in the background) and A Wing and a Prayer's Silent Auction, where both his prints on offer sold for really good money, Napster has had a whirlwind of sales.

Recognizing talent when they see it, his Vet Clinic has ordered four of his prints.  A long-time fan and collector has just picked up one of his newer designs, he sold one to guests here from Switzerland, and also to guests here from Southern Ontario...  

One of his fans stopped by the Dwight Public Library and bought out all the cards he had on display there (but be of good cheer -- he has made sure we restocked the library card rack!)

One of our very best local restaurants has expressed an interest in featuring one of his prints, and we expect that to be ready for viewing within the next week.

And just this morning, he received a phone order for another print, this to be a Housewarming gift. How perfect... after all, a home without a cat is just a house...  and we can say the same thing about Cat Art...

It cones as no great surprise -- in the world of art, it is all about what the viewer perceives, and his work gives great scope and brings great joy.

He was interested to see some of the work of the 4 year old child Aleita Andre who is currently selling her fingerpainting artwork for up to $30,000.  While in no way detracting from her talents, Napster does make note that this work is directed -- the parents admit to preparing the canvas, suggesting colours, and deciding when the work is complete.  Napster, on the other tail, insists that he begins with a clean page, no one touches the tail, and he himself decides when he is no longer going to continue painting. 

We don't suggest his work is better... nor that it is worse.  And we hope that this child continues to paint with such joyous abandon and innocence long after the World has infringed on her childhood.  We'd like to own this particular image painted by Aleita -- we just don't think we can afford those pricetags...

We do suggest that Napster's work is joyously unfettered, and decidedly more affordable, however, if you are lookiong for that special something to hang in the hall...

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