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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lions! Oh My!

Josh Hill's photo.
 A few months back, Napster was honoured to be asked to support the Me to We Fundraiser to help send a group of students from this area to Kenya.

His art was purchased at that fundraiser by The Rt. Hon. Tony Clement, and now hangs in hallowed halls.

Well, the kids are home again. Their trip was epic, and lives will change for the better because of this experience.   These are wonderful experiences for youth -- heck, for anyone.

When asked to donate, Napster pointed out that there were lions in Kenya, his very distant cousins, and that he would be delighted to support the humanitarian work in which the students' participated, constructing a school, but that he hoped they would have the chance to see lions in the wild, to remember how small the planet really is, how fragile, and how indescribably beautiful. It is this very indescribable beauty he strives to capture with his art.

Well, he was more than delighted to see this photo, taken by Josh on the trip to Kenya.  Lions...  It's a fabulous photo, Josh. Thanks for letting us share it.

Napster has just been asked to donate another painting to the Animal Shelter for Huntsville fundraiser in April.  Will do.  And he has also been asked for a painting for the Wing and a Prayer Fundraiser in May. Of course he's on board for that.

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