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Friday, January 28, 2011

A Cheque in the Hand is worth a Bird in the Bush

Napster is delighted to report that he raised $650.00 for A Wing and a Prayer Bird Rescue. He had the cheque delivered to Janice Enright on Thursday. She was every bit as delighted as Napster. Possibly more so...

Along with the cheque, he sent a picture, just for Janice. When she first saw his work, this was the picture that 'jumped out' at her. She could see a loon, wings swept forward, rising out of the green water. Janice is world famous for her work rehabilitating loons (among other birds) and the loon Ebony Young became quite a local celebrity during his rehabilitation. (our thanks to Jerry Schmanda for the image of the loon with this post.)

The only birds in residence at the time were a pair of white doves, domestic birds that were found injured, and now need a home. Napster offered, but we felt it best to decline. He is doing well with his resolve to stop eating wild birds, but it's best to keep temptation out of paw's reach, we feel.

Janice had just released two woodpeckers and a bluejay back into the wild. She was up to her elbows in renovations to improve the Rescue Centre, so the money came in timely. This charity always needs money for the birds, and volunteers are also welcome.

Napster is very pleased that his fund-raising efforts have been so successful. It gives him great hope for the future. His new designs will be available soon.

We're waiting to hear how his art did for the Peterborough Rotary Auction last weekend; and coming up in February he has a piece in the Hamilton to Haiti Fundraiser.

He has been very honoured to be asked to donate his work to these worthy causes. After all, every little bit helps!

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