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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mall Sprawl

Recently featured in Cottage Dog Magazine, Napster was also asked to participate in the fund-raising efforts for the Animal Shelter for Huntsville.

That meant he had to show up, and greet his adoring public... in the Huntsville Place Mall.

Like the great artiste he is, he only grumbled a little about having to be in a cage, in a strange place, with strange people and strange cats. For the most part, he was tremendously gracious, spending his three hour appearance by purring and playing with everyone who stopped to say hello.
He had donated a framed print for the Silent Auction, and was also selling unframed prints and cards for the Shelter. He raised over $200 to help the animals, so that was a great result. We had to leave before the Silent Auction closed, but he raised even more money for the Shelter with the sale of that print, so he has 'done his bit' for the Shelter cats...
Which is a good thing, because this very worthwhile institution is chronically short of funds. Donations are always welcome, whether that be monetary or volunteer time to help with the animals. And of course, finding homes for these lovely cats (and dogs!) is the next step. So if you are considering turning your house into a home, get a cat...

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